EOMSINC is all about building long term relationships with both Client and Candidate. We stand by our pillars of success.

Being part of the EOMSINC family we welcome you to take the journey as you transpose your JOB to a Career. EOMSINC delivers to you the opportunity via our quality network of professional Clients.

Our team put in great effort and time to match your skill set with the Clients expectations. We discuss your CV with our Clients to ensure they fully understand the experience that you had gained in your previous employment.

EOMSINC quality Client base covers many industry sectors.

What you need to do for your applications:

Submit the following to respected emails : For Households and Domestic Helpers For Nurses, Dermatologist, Physiotherapist and Dental Nurses All Construction: Roads, Highways, Bridges, Buildings - Sky Rise, Hospitals, Retail & Corporate Development, Residential and Warehousing CVs within oil and gas, power generation, petrochemical,energy, mining sectors Applicants for Fast Food, Casual and Fine Dining Restaurants, F&B and Hotels Applicants for Domestic Helpers Applicants for Salon Workers like Hair dresser, Nail Artist and Beautician Applicants for local hiring General Applications

- Updated comprehensive CVs with clear 2x2 formal pictures (CVs should have detailed Job Description in Microsoft Word Format)

Upon Selection (may vary depending on client requirements for the issuance of visa);

- Valid Passport (Minimum Validity is 1 year)

- Certifications (Training, Seminars, Employment)

- 4 pcs 2x2 pictures

- Authenticated NBI (for travel abroad)

- Attested University Documents

Date & Time Position Requirements